The Propagandist

We would like to believe that with the massive increase of information brought by the internet that we have become less susceptible to persuasion, that somehow with information overload we are naturally more sceptical. Yet it is this very bombardment of content that makes us more susceptible to manipulation regardless of how much more we think we know.

News is ever-more tailored to our preferences, reconfirming existing beliefs and leaving us vulnerable to manipulation through our particular view of the world. Most of us are emotional creatures and can be cajoled and moved through rousing emotions such as awe, curiosity, anger and fear (before clicking that next link-bait video, stop and ask why your friends are sharing it instead of automatically watching, feeling and sharing too). And no matter how logical and discerning we believe ourselves to be the very act of hearing a message repeatedly will make it seem more true to our unconscious mind. Increased exposure to information is the proverbial double-edged sword: it can make us more enlightened, but it can also be a threat. Understanding how information influences our perspectives can mitigate the risks of manipulation.

The Propagandist is as much for the practitioner as it is for the persuaded. As a study, The Propagandist will consider techniques and methods for persuasion, helping those who manipulate as well as those who wish to remain unswayed. The Propagandist will make no judgement as to whether propaganda is good or bad - for us, it just is, and it exists in many forms all around us constantly. We simply aim to understand it - wouldn't you like to too?