Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual for Controlling the Masses Book Cover Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual for Controlling the Masses
Nick McFarlane
Carpet Bombing Culture
Sep 23 2013
Hard Cover

From the publisher: "Spinfluence will appeal to crooked politicians, media manipulators and corporate big-wigs alike, in fact anyone interested in how to exploit people for profit or power. Covering fun techniques and tactics such as emotional hijacking, brainwashing and hysteria harnessing - Spinfluence is a glorious and insightful read about how to bend the truth and subvert the will of the herd."

What La Generalista has to say:

Spinfluence is an entertaining and easy-to-read primer on all things propaganda. Full of delightful imagery and quotes from many of the more famous masters of the dark art, Spinfluence explains tradecraft and jargon in a simple tongue-and-cheek manner. This is a must have addition for any collector, if only for a coffee table conversation starter.

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Alicia Wanless

La Generalista is the online identity of Alicia Wanless – a researcher and practitioner of strategic communications for social change in a Digital Age. Alicia researches how we shape — and are shaped — by a changing information space. As the Director of Strategic Communications at The SecDev Foundation, Alicia develops campaigns and strategies for engaging beneficiaries in outreach and behavioural change. Her work includes developing a training program that deals with verifying information and the spread of content online, and has supported projects in the Middle East, Vietnam and the post-Soviet space.

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