Propaganda: Power and Persuasion Book Cover Propaganda: Power and Persuasion
David Welch
British Library
Sept. 15 2013

From the publisher: "From safe sex to dictatorships, from the iconic to the everyday, Propaganda: Power and Persuasion, which accompanies a major new exhibition at the British Library, explores how different states have used propaganda during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Different techniques are highlighted—such as the “appeal to authority” and “common man” approaches—as are the various forms in which propaganda appear, including posters, books, films, stamps, leaflets, matchboxes, cartoons, music, and newspapers. The book concludes with a look at how the explosion in social media is influencing the way the state attempts to persuade and control its citizens."

What La Generalista has to say:

This is a tidy, pictorial history of modern propaganda. An excellent reference guide complete with many visual examples and useful descriptions. An insightful introduction into propaganda.

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Alicia Wanless

La Generalista is the online identity of Alicia Wanless – a researcher and practitioner of strategic communications for social change in a Digital Age. Alicia researches how we shape — and are shaped — by a changing information space. As the Director of Strategic Communications at The SecDev Foundation, Alicia develops campaigns and strategies for engaging beneficiaries in outreach and behavioural change. Her work includes developing a training program that deals with verifying information and the spread of content online, and has supported projects in the Middle East, Vietnam and the post-Soviet space.

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