What La Generalista has to say:

This is an intriguing perspective on how people are captivated and what holds their attention. Sally Hogshead has narrowed the scope of what fascinates down to just 7 triggers and neatly categorizes and explains them.

We listened to the audio version of this book, which was infectiously read by the author herself. Alas, the audiobook often seemed more a plug for Sally’s fascination assessment which was described as free in the book, but in fact costs extra. Indeed, Sally has built up quite the consultancy around this book, which leaves the audio version feeling much more of a marketing tool than anything truly fascinating. Still, it’s worth a read if you can ignore the plugs; the written version might be far less self-promotion heavy.

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La Generalista is the online identity of Alicia Wanless – a researcher and practitioner of strategic communications for social change in a Digital Age. Alicia researches how we shape — and are shaped — by a changing information space. With more than a decade of experience in researching and analysing the information environment, focusing on propaganda and information warfare, Alicia conducts content and network analysis, and has developed original models for identifying and analysing digital propaganda campaigns. Alicia is currently a PhD Researcher at King’s College exploring alternative frameworks for understanding the information environment.

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