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You Are What You Read: Learn About Propaganda

The internet has greatly changed the information environment. People now have access to far more information than ever before, and from greater distances instantaneously. This means a person is no longer reliant on a major news outlet alone to receive information about a far-flung place – they can just as likely interact with people in that distant land online through social networks, forums or other internet-based media. While the internet has presented the opportunity to become better acquainted with the world, it has also facilitated the manipulation of information and perspectives at alarming rates.

Considering the average person now spends 8 hours a day consuming media (more than 10 hours for those living in the Americas and Eastern Europe), often on multiple devices at once, people are essentially plugging into a media matrix whereby, on one hand, they can access more information than ever before, and on the other, are positioned to be more susceptible to manipulation.

How prepared are you for this new, fast-paced and immersive information environment?

Below is a collection of book reviews aimed at helping you cope in a Digital Age. Fostering a better understanding of how the media matrix works and some are using it to shape your perspective can help you control your own experience.

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Book Reviews

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